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Danielle needs buttfuck

Here`s what Danielle Brooks looks for in a man:

1.) Great laugh.
2.) Fun.
3.) Makes me laugh.
4.) Confident.
5.) Comfy in his own skin.
6.) Nice.
7.) Interested in me.
8.) Giving.

Yeah, we know, that`s a lot of stuff. But judging by this scene, there`s really one thing she`s looking for:

1.) Hard cock.

Okay, make that two.

2.) Cum.

JMac gives her what she needs, and we don`t see any indication of him attempting to make her laugh or showing interest in her, although he is giving. He gives it to her in the ass.

Danielle is 48. She`s a mom. She`s divorced. She has a super-cute singing voice. She loves sex. She likes being watched while having sex, especially on a porn set. And now she`s in a porn video.

Yes, Danielle has a great laugh. She`s obviously fun. She`s comfortable in her own skin. And JMac is obviously comfortable in hers.

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