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Lyla fucks her boyfriend`s son

Tarzan is sitting on the couch, waiting for his father to appear so they can observe the game.

Lyla Lali, the hot girlfriend of Tarzan`s father, comes home and sees Tarzan sitting on the couch.

Where`s Dad? Nobody knows.

"How do you think we should spend the time without your father?" 46-year-old Lyla asks. She has some ideas. She`s dressed in a skirt that`s slit so high up the back that you can see her ass even when she doesn`t arch over.

Lyla is dressed in a sheer top, too. You can see her bra.

"I was looking at pictures of your Dad when he was younger," Lyla tells Tarzan. "I think you look a little bit like him."

"I think I`m better-looking than him," Tarzan says.

Before he knows it, he`s sucking on Lyla`s tits, and she`s asking him, "Do you know any moves that your father doesn`t know?"

"I don`t know."

"Well let me find out," Lyla says.
Basically, Lyla wants father-and-son cock. She wants to be as nasty as a Cougar can be. And that`s fine by us.

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