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Edyn Blair is waiting on a delivery as she hangs out with her stepdaughter Katie Kush. When there`s a knock on the door, Edyn jumps up to get it. Katie can`t help but notice how cute the delivery boy, Brad Sterling, is as her stepmother is provocative him in. Both the girls are falling all over themselves to get Brad`s attention, but Edyn gets her hands and mouth on Brad`s package first, but Katie eventually catches them in the act. She haunts Edyn away with the threat of telling her dad what his wife has been up to but stops Brad before he can put his junk away.Instead, Katie gets on her knees to replace her stepmother sucking him off and gargling his balls. When Katie jumps onto the couch and offers herself to Brad, he`s not about to decline that gift. They`re so dissipated by their fucking that they don`t notice Edyn sneaking in and stripping off most of her clothes as she watches them. Edyn makes her presence known by pulling Katie out of the way and telling her stepdaughter is doing it wrong. Then she lays on the couch so Brad can bang her furry pussy as Katie protests.Katie isn`t about to let her stepmother have all the fun, so eventually she rejoins them on the couch and rides Edyn`s face while making out with Brad. Then she gets to enjoy Brad`s hardon as she rides him with Edyn watching and masturbating. The girls arrange themselves with Edyn leaning forward and Katie laying on top, creating a pussy buffet for Brad to bang until he pulls out to jism all over both of them in a finish that`s satisfying right up until Katie`s dad calls Edyn.

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