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"Don`t be nervous. My husband`s gone for the whole weekend," 48-year-old Lacy says to her guy as she lies in bed, wearing sexy lingerie, stockings and a garter and rubbing her man`s cock.

"Last time I had to jump out the window," he says.

"I assure you he`s gone, and I`m going to fuck your brains out all weekend."

Hey, maybe she`s right, maybe she`s wrong, but Lacy deserves taking the risk for. And just in case he`s having second thoughts, she yanks his cock and sucks it. He`s not going anywhere with his cock in her mouth. And, by the way, she`s gasping on it. She also teabags him while playing with her pussy. Yes, if you`re gonna take the risk of getting the crap beaten out of you by an angry husband, Lacy is the woman worth doing it for.

And then she lets him fuck her ass.

Lacy is actually divorced. She`s a mother and grandmother. She`s into anal sex when she`s very horny. Here, she`s very horny.

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40SomethingMag - Sizzling older pussy desperately seeking cock!
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