Danielle and the neighbor

The story here is highly basic.

Danielle Brooks is upset. Her husband isn`t giving her what she wants. We`re not talking about money. We`re talking about cock.

So she invites Tony over to her house. He`s been her neighbor for 15 years. She complains about her man.

Tony can`t believe that this douchebag isn`t paying attention to this hot piece of ass.

Danielle tells him that she suggested a threesome to her husband with Tony as the other guy.

Tony decides to not wait for the threesome and has a twosome with Danielle right then and there, in her kitchen.

And that`s the story of 48-year-old Danielle`s first fuck video at 40SomethingMag.com.

Danielle is from Florida. She`s a mom. She`s an actress and a singer. We hope Tony didn`t wreck her voice by fucking her throat. She isn`t a nudist or a swinger. She`s just a regular, sexy doll who you might see at the store, but she has needs.

"I love the idea of so many dudes watching me having sex and masturbating to my pictures and videos," Danielle said.

Satisfy her need, gentlemen.

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