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Christie Stevens and her stepson Tony have been at the airport all day for their flight. When it was ultimately canceled, the two relocated to a hotel. Even worse, they have to share a bed because the motel is out of bedrooms with two queens. Christie is exhausted and completely over the day, so she determines to go to sleep in her bra and thong. Tony is a bit weirded out, but he agrees to share the bed. Once he thinks his super-steamy stepmom is just about asleep, Tony gets naked and slides into bed so he can jack off.Obviously Christie catches Tony in the act, but he claims he has to masturbate every night so he can sleep. Christie reluctantly tells him to just do what he needs to do, but the noise and motility are driving her crazy. She pushes the covers back and reaches in to supply a hand job to make Tony spunk faster. Leaning forward, she wraps her lips around the head of his cock and starts sucking. She briefly pauses to remove her bra and let her big titties pop free, then resumes her BJ.When that doesn`t get Tony off, Christie determines the next logical move is to climb onto Tony`s faux-cock to ride him to climax. Her reverse cowgirl style ride gets her off but doesn`t quite do the trick for Tony. Rolling onto her back, Christie lets Tony bang her as he stands beside the bed and fills his hands with her generous breasts. Then she gets on her hands and knees to let him bring her off one last time. Resuming her blowjob and handjob, Christie finally gets her stepson to burst a nut into her mouth so she can swallow his spunk and tell him to get to bed.

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Mom, what are you doing to my boyfriend!?

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Mom, what are you doing to my boyfriend!?