Mother Knows Best

Nathan Bronson is supposed to tutor his friend Alex More, but he is just so uncomfortable that his stepmom, Alana Cruise, can`t stand it. She decides to give him a quick makeover by urging him to take off the glasses and change his clothes. While Nathan is changing, Alana notices that he`s definitely a shower and should be very proud of what he`s showing. She supervises the study session once Alex arrives and sees Nathan hitting on his friend, but she can`t get Nathan`s fat dick out of her head! She realizes she can kill two birds with one stone: Enjoy Nathan`s hardon while loosening him up for Alex.As soon as she has the opportunity, she sneaks beneath the kitchen table and tugs his dick out of his pants. She embarks sucking, trying to be as discrete as possible, but unfortunately Alex eventually looks over. Alana ducks out of glance before Alex notices her, but Alex thinks Nathan has been masturbating under the table the whole time. She weirdos out, calling Nathan a slink and storming out of the house. Alana senses her opportunity to pounce, so she tells Nathan that it`s time he figured out how to be fine with girls so he could get lot pussy.When Nathan agrees, Alana peels off just enough of her clothes so her breasts can bounce free and her pussy can slide down onto her stepson`s poke stick. She rails him for a bit, then deep throats him off before turning around and continuing to impale herself on Nathan`s dick. Then she leans forward so he can practice banging her doggy style. When Alana hops onto the table, she trains Nathan in thrusting in and out of her hairy pussy until he pulls out just in time to cum all over her twat. Smiling and pleased, Alana lets Nathan know that she thinks he learned something today.

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Mom, what are you doing to my boyfriend!?

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Mom, what are you doing to my boyfriend!?
Mom always knows best, doesn't she? features moms catching naughty stepsons and daughters in the act. But instead of getting mad, mom is horny and joins the fun to show these young teen couples how it's done. Watch moms seduce their stepdaughters' boyfriends for real threesomes and hot sex.