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A checkup from the waist down

Things you might like to know about 41-year-old mummy and divorcee Susanna Adams before you watch her play doctor with Carlos` cock.

She was born in Pennsylvania and now lives in South Florida.

Her dream car is a Denali pickup truck.

She enjoys witnessing football and basketball. Her teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Yankees.

She usually doesn`t wear panties.

She wants to do more traveling.

She has three kids.

She`s been a waitress and a housekeeper. She`s worked in retail management.

She`s not a swinger, but she isn`t 100% vanilla, either. She once had sex on the rooftop of a bar in New York City. She`s had sex with girls. She once had sex with a dude who was 20 years junior than her, although "I didn`t know he was that young."

And here she`s gargling and fucking pornography cock like the sexy MILF that she is.

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