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We asked 45-year-old divorcee Charli Shay if she ever has sex on the first-ever date. Her answer didn`t surprise us.

"If I perceive like it," she said. Charli pretty much does whatever she pleases. "I can do whatever I want, and if I want him, why not?"

Why not, indeed? Here, Charli is a medic who has a cure for what ails 22-year-old Peter. His dick hurts, so she`s going to give it some tender sucking care. Some tender nailing care, too. Every guy needs a medic like Charli...unless, of course, he has a serious medical condition. If you have a serious medical condition, DO NOT go to a porn doctor. But if you have a hard-on, go to a MILF porn doctor.

Charli is a mother of two. As opposed to the last time she visited our studio, she now has hair on her pussy. In this scene, she`ll end up with Peter`s cream in her cunt as her erect nips point skyward. Highly hot.

Charli says stupid movies make her laugh. So do "random stupid comments." So if you want to make time with her, make her laugh. Maybe she`ll fuck you. Maybe she`ll go out with you. Maybe she`ll fuck you without even going out with you. After all, she can do whatever she wants.

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